Halo Combat Evolved 1V1 Tournament


Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise. The series centers on an interstellar war between humanity and a theocratic alliance of aliens known as the Covenant.


Registration is free but must be done by (time)


The tournament is elimination classic slayer style. Each series will be a best of 3, extending to best of 5 and or best of 7 for the final stages of the event. Players are required to report to the tournament area 15 minutes before the match begins. Any player that is more than 5 minutes late will be disqualified. The setting will be as follows.


  • Score to win: 15

  • Time Limit: 15 minutes

  • Suicide Penalty: -1

  • Other Players on Radar: None

  • Respawn Time: 5 seconds

  • Suicide Penalty: 5 seconds

  • Kill Penalty: No

  • Map(s): Battle Creek, Prisoner, Wizard, Derelict, and Hang 'Em High



1st Place: 1TB XBOX ONE X

Provided by


2nd Place: HyperX Cloud 2 Gaming Headset

Provided by Angies' Window Tinting & Autographx


3rd Place: XBOX ONE Elite Gaming Controller

Provided by


*Please note that there are only 16 spots available on a first come first serve basis, and if we get more than 8 players we will be starting the tournament Friday the 29th* 

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