Magic The Gathering Tournament

3 Pack Draft

Booster Draft is one of the most played Magic formats at every level of competition and casual play. Together with Sealed Deck, it's the Limited format of choice for most tournaments, including Pro Tours, Pro Tour Qualifiers, and Grand Prix. It's popular among occasional players who want to avoid the pressures of maintaining a collection and a Constructed deck. On the other hand, it's equally popular among serious players who enjoy the depth and challenge of the format. Learning Booster Draft should be a priority for any aspiring Magic player.


Registration Fee: $15


6 Pack Sealed

This is a great format if you look forward to the excitement of checking out new cards and playing without being required to bring your own pre-built deck. Unlike constructed games where you arrive with your strategically created deck in a sealed deck tournament, you build a new deck from six unopened booster packs at the start of the event. If you're looking for a fun way to boost the size of your card collection while playing the game, sealed deck is the way to go.


Registration Fee: $30


Prizes include: MTG Cards Provided by Goblins & Such, as well as Limited Edition Expo Gaming Mats

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