Pokemon Go Event


What is Pokemon Go? It is a free to play mobile app that you can download for iOS or Android. It’s free to download and start playing. The game works by using your phone’s GPS for your real-world location and augmented reality to bring up those cool-looking Pokémon on your screen, overlaid on top of what you see in front of you. And you—the digital you—can be customized with clothing, a faction (or “team” of players you can join) and other options, and you level up as you play.


Below is a link to their main page.



A prize will be awarded to the trainer with the lowest CP Pokemon at the Memorial Arena Gym on Saturday at 5:30 PM. Also, a prize will be awarded to the Highest CP original Pokemon (first 150) at the Memorial Arena Gym Sunday at 1:00 PM


In the case of a tie, the Pokemon that sits highest on the Pokedex (highest being Bulbasaur) will win. To receive your prize you must be present at the ticket table by 6:00 PM for Saturday and 1:30 PM on Sunday and have a valid expo pass for that day.


(No dual wielding accounts and no you can not take the prize on behalf of your friends or family).

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