Scavenger Hunt


For this year's scavenger hunt, you must take a photograph with or video with the following.

1. Photo with a Klingon

2. Photo with a Pikachu

3. Photo with an R2-D2

4. Photo with a Staff Member

5. Photo with a Dinosaur

6. Photo with a Friend

7. Photo playing a Game

8. Video Dancing

9. Photo with a Spiderman

10. Photo enjoying Nature.

You must be included in each of the photos and videos that were taken and show at least 7 of them to the staff at the ticket table to be entered for prizes. Prizes will be drawn on Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday at 5:00 PM at the ticket table. Only one prize per person.

We also ask that you share the photos and videos on social media and tag the expo so we can see all the fun you had. 

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